We want you to have a great experience with us, so we do our best to make sure you know exactly what you'll get when you become a member.

Subscription & account

Your subscription starts when you first bought your subscription.
Yes, with Fitpass you can simply cancel your subscription when you want and we will not charge you again at the next billing date.
You login to your personal account page and there you see a link stating 'Change', click on it and you are able to select a different plan.
No, Fitpass will bill you when the next billing date occurs.
You login to your personal account page and click on the 'Cancel account'-link in which you are shown our cancel account userflow and you tell us why you want to cancel.
No, there is no fee, and you are able to restart your account whenever you want.
No, unfortunately your activity visits per month are only available for one membership cycle (30 days). You cannot carry any leftover activities you may have not used to the next membership cycle.
If you have purchased Base or the Core membership you are not able to generate more than 8 or 12 checkin. After you have reached the max visits you must upgrade your subscription to instantly receive more visits. Members with the unlimited subscription have one visit per day that they can utilize.
Yes we do, call us at xxxx xxx xxx to find out more details about our corporate solutions.

Gym check-in

1. You download our app
2. Look for the QR code at the studio's reception
3. Open your app and scan the QR code
4. Show your success message together with personal identification
5. Voilá! Go and get sweaty
You need the Fitpass app to be able to check-in at the studio. You can download our iPhone app & our Android app .
No, Fitpass only allow your to train once at the same studio in 24 hours
No, in order to be checked in you need to show the successful scan plus your personal identification
No, in order for you to make a successful check-in and be allowed into the Studio's premises you need to show your successful check-in from our Fitpass app and your personal identification.

Benefit Online

Make sure you took the coupon from the .pdf file Benefit Online did send to your email account that you have registered on their platform.
Your coupon code can be found in the attached .pdf file in the email that Benefit Online sent you once your purchased a Fitpass subscription.
Fitpass does not offer any alternative subscriptions besides 'Everyday'-subscription plan to Benefit Online users.
No, Fitpass does not renew your subscription automatically. In order to renew your Benefit Online subscription you need to buy a new subscription on Benefit Online's website and redeem the code on the coupon redeem page.

What is Fitpass?

Fitpass gives you access to the best fitness studios, gyms and sport clubs in your city. Get unlimited access to workouts like yoga, pilates, crossfit, martial arts, zumba and much more. Browse the various disciplines and activities happening today, tomorrow or next week. Select which activities you like and reserve them for the same day or plan your week ahead of time. When you arrive at the studio, open your Fitpass app. scan the QR code available at the reception and show the screen that appears together with an identity card.
You can easily find out the studios that are available on our platform by going to our homepage and scrolling down the webpage to the maps section. You can use your Fitpass membership at any of our partner studios within Romania. Keep checking on our constantly growing list of partner studios in the studio header in the menu. We update the list every day, so make sure you keep checking back for new classes, new venues and new Fitpass cities!
Fitpass is currently available in Bucharest, Brașov, Târgoviște & Constanța.
Yes we do! Fitpass is available on both Android and IOS.
In order to get access to our partners facilities you need to download our app that contains a QR scanner. Before beginning your workout simply scan the QR code found at the studio reception and showcase the success message together with a valid ID to the manager.
For certain classes and activities you must book before you attend. This will be specified when it's required for the class in the activities field (whatever its called?)
It’s easy! All you have to do is find the activity you wish to attend on the activity page and follow the prompts to make a booking. Prepare for your activity and head on down
Yes, but some times they can be booked or there might be an extra fee that needs to be paid directly to the studio before attending the class.
Life is hard dude, deal with it [puts on glasses]
Fitpass members have access to discounts with our wellness partners across the city that offer services such as massage, spas, sauna, pool and much more. The full list of wellness options is available in the activities list.
Simply go to the activities page and click on all activities to see the full range of workouts available to you. Then simply select the activity that you are interested in and studio and times for the specific date that you have chosen will appear beneath.
We’re always on the lookout for high quality studios to partner up with. If you would like to work with us in promoting healthy living, please contact contact@fitpass.ro.
If you’ve experienced a really great class or studio and think other members would enjoy it too, we’d love to hear about it! You can contact@fitpass.ro to share the experience with us and we’ll check out the studio!


Fitpass offers VISA, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal as payment options.
No, once your payment have been processed it cannot be reverted.